Dr. Christoph Klahold, Chief Compliance Officer BMW Group, Munich Germany

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  1. How would you define Compliance Leadership?
  2. Why companies must or should improve their Compliance Leadership?
  3. What makes a good leader and how do you lead especially in compliance? / How to be a great (Compliance) Leader?
  4. What do you think established companies do better in compliance tasks than 5 years ago?
  5. What changes do you see in compliance profession compared to 5 years ago?
  6. What do you think can Technology help “on the field of compliance”?
  7. Any recommendations to how established companies and RegTechs* can be actively engaged in fighting for example against compliance?
  8. Whats´about COVID-19 and the risk of compliance?
  9. Which professional skills will become increasingly important for the Risk Manager or Compliance Manager in the future?
  10. What are the three compliance skills/topics that should definitely be trained by external trainers?


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