Diana Paredes, CEO and Co-Founder of Suade, London

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  1. Please introduce yourself or How would you explain your job to your grandma or grandpa?
  2. When did you first hear the word RegTech?
  3. How do you define RegTech?
  4. What do you think are the three major upcoming RegTech technology trends?
  5. Which topics should RegTechs work on?
  6. How can RegTech achieve "better regulation"?
  7. How RegTech can help reduce the cost of regulation?
  8. How to achieve collaboration with supervision as a regtech?
  9. What do you think established companies do better than RegTechs?
  10. To be able to transform the risk management/ compliance function into the digital age, all parties of the global ecosystems (public/private) should work together. Who (globally can/is/are taking the lead in this?)
  11. Which ecosystems around the globe have the best adoption of RegTech solutions (so other businesses can know and try to understand what it could mean for their on similar business and get the right exposure of what is out there);
  12. Who would you like to have a coffee with?


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